Men Aftershave Care Combo | After Shave Lotion + Shaving Gel + Mouthwash

Men Aftershave Care Combo | After Shave Lotion + Shaving Gel + Mouthwash

Men Aftershave Care Combo | After Shave Lotion + Shaving Gel + Mouthwash

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  • Holistic Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Zero Synthetic, No additives
  • 100% Toxic-Free
  • Best Quality Certifications
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What we are providing- Anti Bacterial Turmeric Shaving-Gel (200ML)+ Bio Astringent After Shave Lotion (200ML) + Anti-Bacterial Germ Defense Mouthwash (200ML)


  1. Neem- Neem rich in antioxidant that reduces the dark spots, blemishes and any kind of redness on the skin and also beneficial for reducing melanin production of the skin, which helps to even out skin tone.
  2. Aloe Vera protects epithelial tissues, promotes relief and recovery of damaged skin, encourages cell growth and healing
  3. Haldi or Turmeric is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that help to fight free radicals, toxins, and fungal infections that help to enhance the integrity of skin & health.
  4. Tulasi or Holy Basil is power-packed with antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin and also help to reduce blemishes, acne scars, spots, and inflammation. It clears the skin tone and gives an instant glow.
  5. Lemon juice naturally contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that may help reduce skin damage and premature aging. It has astringent qualities that help to fight skin infection and also its high pH levels can decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation.


  1. Provide long-lasting oral hygiene and powerful germ defense
  2. Nourishing hydration and cooling comfort after-shave
  3. Suffused with anti-septic and anti-oxidant herbs
  4. Cools and soothes skin irritation and itching
  5. Curbs minor bleeding, heals nicks, and cuts
  6. Prevents acne and breakouts gives firm & tones skin.

How To Use:

  1. Use mouthwash, dilute with two parts of water. Swish and gargle in the mouth. Spit out.
  2. Apply a dollop of lotion or gel on the freshly shaved skin
  3. Massage a small amount on the skin after shaving

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