Healthy Oral Care Combo | Mouth Wash + Tulsi Toothpaste Gel

Healthy Oral Care Combo | Mouth Wash + Tulsi Toothpaste Gel

Healthy Oral Care Combo | Mouth Wash + Tulsi Toothpaste Gel

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  • Holistic Ayurvedic Formulation
  • Zero Synthetic, No additives
  • 100% Toxic-Free
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What we are providing- Anti-Bacterial Germ Defense Mouth Wash ( 200 ML ) + Bio Neem Tulsi Toothpaste Gel ( 200 GM)


  1. Neem is quite useful in dentistry for curing gingival problems and maintaining oral health naturally. Neem twigs are used as an oral deodorant, toothache relievers, and for cleaning teeth. 
  2. Tulsi- Tulsi leaves are quite effective in treating common oral infections. Tulsi leaves help in maintaining oral hygiene. It has antibacterial agents, namely carvacrol and terpene are present in this plant.
  3. Clove oil can relieve tooth pain and bad breath, as well as help, reduce gum disease! Clove oil also has the natural ability to restrict the development of bacteria and can help fight mouth and throat infections.
  4. Licorice bioactive constituents are highly effective in treating common oral and dental diseases such as oral candidiasis, recurrent aphthous ulceration, caries, and periodontitis.


  1. Provide long-lasting oral hygiene and powerful germ defense
  2. Effectively eliminate bacteria, airborne germs, allergens & toxins
  3. Protective dental care for stronger gums and teeth
  4. Infused with powerful anti-bacterial herbs
  5. Curbs teeth stains, combat cavities, and counteracts bad breath
  6. Strengthen gums, protect enamel, and supports complete oral hygiene

How To Use:

  1. Dilute with two parts of water. Swish and gargle in the mouth. Spit out.
  2. And then, brush twice a day with toothpaste gel for complete oral care

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