Our Story

BIOAYURVEDA is a leading holistic health & wellness global luxury brand uplifting our lifestyles with an enlightened range of world-class organic products based on time-tested Ayurveda. BIOAYURVEDA relies on the age-old wisdom of ayurveda to design products which are completely pure and natural, free of chemicals and synthetics. With BIOAYURVEDA, we endeavor to provide a choice to our users to get similar benefits as other leading products without the compromise of exposing our body to synthetic chemicals.

Made with the highest quality of organic herbs, plants and natural nutrients with therapeutic properties, in state-of-the-art facilities with modern bio-scientific research, BIOAYURVEDA offers empowering formulations for our holistic healthcare, healing our body and being every day with the nourishing companionship of Nature.

BIOAYURVEDA presents an exceptional range of conscious products for the spirit and skin that encode Ayurveda’s precepts and prescriptions, building our powers to cope with inner and outer stressors with greater immunity, vitality, resilience and strength. Offered across the categories of Supplements, Skin + Soin, and Supermarket, these address the holistic spectrum of our wellness and wellbeing.

Our Spirit

Be You. Be Present. Be ALL.

BIOAYURVEDA is committed to conscious and creative living wherein the uniqueness of each can be explored, expressed and engaged toward creating a more enriched world

We envision all to be living with the fullness of health, energy and purpose furthering collective calm, creativity and culture.

Inspired from Mother Nature and curated from the legendary heritage of AYURVEDA, our products foster a nourishing ecosystem enabling these vital principles in us, propelling each one to:

As we EXPLORE who we are and stay true to that;

As we EXIST in peaceful presence, enabling our skills and strengths to serve;

As we ENGAGE with creation to be in blissful blossoming of all that we can be.

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