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Product Description:- BIO CLASSIC MINT SHAVING FOAM is a unique blend of organic herbs, along with vital minerals and essential & natural oils that is formulated for smooth shave and anti-septic skin protection. With rich emollients providing natural lather and lubrication, it deeply moisturises and prevents dryness and roughness, enhancing razor glide for smoother, closer and comfortable shave. With soothing, cooling and refreshing action, it pacifies skin irritation, protects against nicks and bumps, and enlivens the senses.

Massage a small amount on wet skin to create a luxurious lather. Shave and rinse


Shaving Foam

Herbal Shaving Foam or shaving cream is the core essential of every men’s grooming kit. Does your shaving cream meet your expectations to prepare the skin and beard for a shave? Actually, Men’s care products for shaving are difficult to select. Nowadays, men seek complete skincare and get confused about which one is best. For sure, organic is the buzzword today. Why is it so? It is due to the use of chemicals, parabens, and synthetics in cosmetic and personal care products. And if you are exploring natural grooming essentials, you can find the best ayurvedic cream in India easily as India is well-known for Ayurveda, a tradition followed for ages for wellbeing in a holistic and natural way. One such company, BIOAYURVEDA, a premium organic brand of wellness, beauty, and healthcare products launched a range of products for men face care. This brand strictly follows the ‘no parabens & zero synthetic’ policy. Being an Ayurvedic brand, it offers skincare, haircare, and general wellness products, prepared with pure organics. Its BIO Classic Mint Shaving Foam is enriched with the goodness of Mint & Aloe Vera. It assists in softening the beard hair and makes skin ready for shaving. Mint provides a cooling, refreshing feeling and also helps to avoid the burning sensation of aftershave.


Bio Classic Mint Smooth Shaving Foam

BIOAYURVEDA shave foam

Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Hibiscus and Lavender ensure maximum hydration and moisture during and after shave. This organic amalgamation provides you with a softer and smoother feel.

rich lather

When you explore shaving foam sensitive skin, this herbal shaving cream serves your purpose as it offers a layer of lubrication through its rich creamy lather foam..

BIOAYURVEDA Skin foaming product
soothing foam shave


After shave, the Cooling and antibacterial properties of mint gives a refreshed feeling and helps prevent acne effectively.It minimizes the risk of razor cut, burns and irritation.

no alcohol  shave foam


Being a 100% organic formula, shaving foam for men does not contain alcohol. Thus, this alcohol –free foaming cream gives extra gentle care with a comfortable shave without leaving skin dry and rough.


ingredients of shave foam 


Kumari, Pudina, Chamomile, Lime Water, Gudhal, Lavender Oil, Nariyal Oil
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